The BossBody Lifestyle, is to create a WORLD where women come together and feel empowered to live with confidence in a body they love.

Our mission is to help women. We achieve this by providing nutritional, mindset and fitness insights for women everywhere, helping them take back their life and thrive both physically and mentally.

At BossBody, we are dedicated to women LOVING themselves again, shifting their mindset to a positive one and feeling the strength to undertake a complete physical and mental transformation.
How To Become The Boss Of Your Body
Step #1
Join The App And Become A Part Of The BossBody Tribe
Step #2
Join My Closed Facebook Training And Support Group
Step #3
Get Access To Training Workouts And 100s of Recipes
Get Involved!
 Start The 21 Day Kickstart Or Join One Of My Challenges
A Breakdown of the 21 day Kickstart Program
  • 21 day-by-day kick-start into your new BossBody Lifestyle: A day-by-day for the first 21 days to ease you into your new lifestyle. We will only go through one simple task each day so that you transition into your new life with ease.
  • Goal setting: What would be your goal? To lose fat? To add muscles and curves? An outline on how to workout depending on your goals.
  • Grocery List Updated Every Week: A checklist to match the meal plans so you have everything you need to cook your meals and snacks all week. All can be found at your local Walmart or grocery store. The average BossBody spends approximately $60 a week for 20 meals and 14 snacks. (One meal is your cheat meal.)
  • Meal plans Updated Every Week: You will know what to eat and when to eat. You don't have to think about your meals anymore.
  • ​Food Videos: Simple cooking videos to help you make your meals. Every single recipe comes with a video. 
  • Updated Weekly Gym Workouts: No more guessing on what and how to work out anymore. Just pull out your phone and walk around confident like a pro.
  • Workout Video Tutorials: Don't know how to do a certain exercise? No worries, there are how-to videos for you for every exercise. Just watch these videos and we can do the workouts together.
  • At Home Workouts: Over a dozen workouts to do when you are too busy to go to the gym or don't have a gym membership.
  • Awesome Ab Workouts: Can you say bye-bye belly fat? Train your midsection to be tight and strong with these workouts.
  • ​High Intensity Interval Training: The best cardio to do to burn fat at a higher rate in a shorter period of time.
  • ​BossBody Graduate School: Video series on the foundation of your new lifestyle. Bust all myths and finally get you the TRUTH on everything out there.
  • Forever BossBody Sisterhood Friendships: You will connect with women all over the world who are on the same journey as you. We will be each other's support in this BossBody journey.
It is your time NOW!
Don’t you think it’s time for you to
Aren’t you ready to take back your life?
It is time for you to THRIVE
 Physically! Spiritually! Emotionally!
Stop putting yourself last 
Today is Your Day!!
BossBody App
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Your New Life Starts Inside
Everything you need to succeed INCLUDING ME....
Never Get Bored With Our Workouts
 New Workouts Every Week
 Available Anytime & Anywhere In Your Pocket
 Tons Of Fat Burning At Home Workouts & Gym Workouts
 Video Tutorials For All Workouts
Never Go Hungry With Our Recipes
  New Grocery Shopping List Every Week
 Meal Plan Updates Weekly
 Tons Of Healthy Recipes To Choose
 Tutorial With Every Recipe
Stay On Track With Accountability
  Exclusive Sisterhood Accountability Group
 BossBody Monthly Prize Drops
 Deep Rooted BossBody Friendships
Inside Our Closed Facebook Group You Can Ask Any Question Anytime!
Purify Your Body
Order A Whole Canister Of BOSSBODY Bliss And Get The Mindset Secrets Of Weight Loss E-Book As A Bonus
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Boss Body - Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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